General Powers. The affairs of USA Cheer are governed and conducted by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors have primary responsibility for the programs of USA Cheer by determining policy and exercising jurisdiction related thereto, and approving actions of any committees it appoints to directly administer or implement these programs.

The Board Makeup. The Board consists of fifteen individuals. Members of the Board may consist of both males and females, and shall be selected without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex or national origin.

Election. The following organizations are entitled to elect the number of members of the Board of Directors set forth below:

  • Active Athletes Assembly – 3 Directors
  • Coaches Assembly- 3 Directors
  • National Alliance for School Cheerleading (NASC) – 4 Directors
  • National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) – 1 Director
  • US All Star Federation (USASF) – 3 Directors
  • NCAA or Significant Collegiate Athletic Organization – 1 Director

Current Board of Directors & Officers


Bill Seely: President of USA Cheer (NASC Representative)

  • President of Varsity Spirit
  • Former Executive Director of Varsity Brands
  • Founding Board Member of USASF
  • National Champion with George Mason University

Kim Kay: Vice President of USA Cheer (NASC Representative)

  • President and CEO of Champion Cheerleading
Dan Kessler: Vice President of USA Cheer
  • Co-Founder of JAM Brands
  • Former Cheerleader at the University of Louisville
Lauri Harris: Executive Director of USA Cheer
  • Former West Regional Manager and Philanthropy Director for MDA and St. Jude for Varsity Spirit
  • Former Coach and Spirit Director at Sacramento State University

Rhonda Blanford Green: Secretary/Treasurer of USA Cheer (NFHS Representative)

  • Assistant Director of Louisiana High School Athletic Association
  • Former Assistant Commissioner of the Colorado High School Activities Association and Executive Director of the Nebraska School Activities Association
  • Graduate of the University of Wyoming; 12-Time All-American in Indoor and Outdoor Track, NCAA Champion in 100 HH, Broke the World Record in Shuttle Hurdle Relay


Jim Chadwick

  • President of USASF and IASF
  • Former Cheerleader at the University of Utah

Justin Carrier

  • USASF Board of Directors
  • Vice President of NCA
  • Vice President of Varsity All Star
  • Former Coach of the US National Coed Team


Jim Lord

  • Current Executive Director of AACCA
  • Former Director of Curriculum for UCA
  • National and International Speaker on Cheerleading Safety
 T. Lynn Williamson
  • Senior Associate General Counsel at the University of Kentucky
  • 30-Year Spirit Advisor at the University of Kentucky
 Carolyn Shoemaker
  • President of Florida Cheer Coaches Association
  • Current Coach and Advisor at Sebring High School
  • AACCA Safety Certifier and Board Member


Jesa Herman

  • Cheerleading/Mascot Program Director – United Spirit Association
  • Production Coordinator – NFL Pro Bowl Halftime Performances
Buffy Duhon
  • Senior Vice President and General Manager of NCA and NDA
  • President of NASC
  • Former Cheerleader and Dancer at the University of Florida

The National Alliance for School Cheerleading exists to represent the interests of school cheerleading with USA Cheer through seats on the Board of Directors and to disseminate important information to the coaches and administrators in the school cheer space.  The NASC is comprised of members from organizations with involvement in the education and programs for cheer teams at the school level through cheer camps, conferences, and events around the country.

Active Athletes

Savanna Silbey (Executive Committee Representative for Active Athletes)

  • Current Coach of the US National All Girl Team
  • Current Coach for the University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Former Head Coach at Hawaii Pacific University
  • Former Member of the US National All Girl Team

Chelsey Kannan

  • Former Cheerleader at Hawaii Pacific University
  • Former Member of the US National All Girl Team
  • Former Instructor for Universal Cheerleaders Association

Ben Schreiber

  • Current Head Coach of The Ohio State University Spirit Squad
  • Former Head Coach at the University of Delaware
  • Former Member of the US National Coed Cheer Team