Memphis, Tenn., August 2014 – USA Cheer is pleased to announce that the Alma College STUNT team will be returning for its third year as a Varsity sport for the 2014-15 season.  Created by USA Cheer to be an additional sport option for female athletes, STUNT was derived from traditional cheerleading and developed to fulfill all NCAA emerging sport requirements, and has consistently met all minimum requirements for consideration.

STUNT removes the crowd-leading of traditional cheerleading and focuses on the technical and athletic components, which include partner stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, jumps and tumbling skills.

Based in Alma, Mich., Alma College has fielded a team for the past two seasons, and the format was quickly embraced by the athletes as well as the coaching staff and athletic department.

“I enjoy the competitiveness of it all, says Michelle Sabourin, coach of the STUNT team. “In Michigan, competitive cheerleading is a high school sport, but in the past athletes didn’t have a lot of options once they got to college. STUNT opens the door to a new sport.”

One of the favorite aspects of STUNT is the easy to understand format, which was a selling point for the coaching staff.  “I like that it is objective, and that anyone can walk in and understand the format and identify who the clear winner is,” adds Sabourin. “The girls love the head-to-head competition and the strategy involved in focusing on our strengths and the other team’s weaknesses. They really enjoy the competitiveness and feel more like athletes.”

This enthusiasm, coupled with the high level of athleticism, appealed to Athletic Director John Leister. “When I saw the level of engagement of our athletes, and the competitiveness of the team, I realized that STUNT was a great addition to our athletics roster. I look forward to developing Alma College STUNT team and watching the sport grow.”

For more information about STUNT, please contact Sheila Noone at 901-251-5959, or