USA Cheer believes that the emotional and physical well-being of every cheerleader is paramount in all cheerleading programs.  A recent television program has raised some questions about the safety of cheerleading in general, and USA Cheer welcomes the chance to provide insight on the current state of cheerleading safety.

We believe that all cheerleading teams should be coached by a professional who is credentialed through the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA), and trained in safety and proper techniques, from stretching through athletic skills development. AACCA, with support from the cheerleading community, has worked for decades to provide clear rules and rigorous safety training for tens of thousands of cheerleading coaches. For all star cheerleading (non-school), our partners at the US All Star Federation (USASF), provide a coaches credentialing program and varying competition levels to provide a safe environment for developing skills.

USA Cheer and our partners are dedicated to advancing and upholding the sport’s high safety standards that have proven effective in reducing incidents of injuries. We welcome the opportunity to work with coaches, parents and cheerleaders to raise awareness, ensure skills training, and educate future generations so they can participate safely and benefit from the invaluable support the cheerleading community provides.

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