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STUNT Officials Membership
Cost: $30/yr

USA Cheer STUNT Officials Membership is available for coaches. This membership comes with member-only newsletters and special rates on USA Cheer merchandise and select online courses.

USA Cheer provides training and certification of STUNT officials. STUNT officials are independent contractors who work with each local STUNT association, state high school association, league, or hosting school independently of USA Cheer. As such, USA Cheer does not offer any insurance with membership. STUNT officials are responsible for obtaining any desired insurance policies related to their participation as an official, such as accident/catastrophic coverage. We recommend obtaining membership with the National Association of Sports Officials at When asked for you sport, enter “STUNT” in the “Other” box. USA Cheer does not require that you obtain coverage in order to participate as a STUNT official. Check with your local jurisdictions to determine if they have specific requirements or recommendations.


  • Background check – yearly
  • Maltreatment training – yearly
  • Concussion training – yearly
  • STUNT Game training – yearly
  • Specific Officials training – yearly
  • Signed waiver

Membership Benefits:

– Access to USA Cheer coaches training
– USA Cheer officials certification
– Quarterly newsletter
– Member discounts on select USA Cheer courses