Music Providers

The Music Provider list is provided as a resource to the cheerleading community.

The Music Provider list below is the current list of music producers/mixers who have signed agreements which include representations that they will provide the proper licensing, necessary insurance, and reasonable team distribution to use their music for cheer routines. Regardless of whether or not a music company is on this list, it is still the responsibility of the team and music provider to obtain the proper licensing for the intended use of the music provided.

USA Cheer does not audit any of the music producers/mixers on this list in connection with their representations, and disclaims any responsibility for the actions or inactions of any of the companies on this list. USA Cheer is not involved in any agreement between companies and end users. Be aware that the use of any recordings without the proper licenses from the owners of the recordings and the owners of all the publishing rights, regardless of who sells that music, may be prohibited by law. It is the responsibility of the companies and end users to fulfill any legal and copyright requirements. See the FAQ for more information about music.

The companies on our list have signed agreements to follow applicable music licensing laws. It is vital that schools, gyms, coaches, or event producers properly screen anyone coming in direct contact with athletes and make them aware of the athlete protection policies.

* As of July 2020, the current music provider program is under review.