Nebraska High School Cheer and Dance Rules

You have been directed here from because the CheerRules site, run by USA Cheer, has been consolidated here to provide better resources for cheer and dance coaches.

This page will serve as an educational library of skills that are legal for the new Nebraska high school cheerleading and dance team rules. Bear in mind that the stunts and lifts shown or listed here is not complete.  Within specific height restrictions, etc., there are going to be multiple variations of skills. However, this list will help serve as examples of legal skills for teams to perform.

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Please check back, as this page will be updated from time to time.

Remember, this is an introductory year. We have worked on providing rules that would be simple to understand, would allow teams to learn and focus on basic skills for some time, and would not raise undue concerns from administrators.   Please consider this when attempting to create new skills based on these rules. If you have a question about legality, please contact Ashley Parnell at

In order to stunt or perform lifts at games and other NSAA events, you must:

  • Be AACCA Safety Certified (Available online or at the Nebraska Coaches Association coaches clinic.)
  • Follow the NFHS rules, with the additional restrictions below:
    • Stunts/lifts shall be limited to shoulder height or below.
    • All vertical shoulder level stunts/lifts must have an additional spotter.
    • All vertical shoulder level stunts/lifts must remain on two feet except during the mount or dismount of the stunt/lift.
    • Twisting mounts and dismounts are limited to 1/2 twist.
    • All cradle dismounts, tosses, and inversions are prohibited.

Key Terms:

Shoulder height stunt: When the support is at shoulder height and the entire body is at or above the shoulders. Examples of stunts that are shoulder height: Flatback, Prep.  Examples of stunts that are not shoulder height: Straddle Sit, Vertical T-Lift, Double Based Thigh Stand.

Vertical: When the entire body is upright.  Examples of vertical stunts: Prep/Elevator, Double Based Thigh Stand, Rear Thigh Stand, L-Stand. Examples of non-vertical stunts: Straddle Sit, Flatback, Shoulder Sit.

Clinic Update:

In reviewing the rules wording and intent, we are allowing the “walk-in to prep” and it’s similar dismount, the “tap down”.  For those who were at the clinic on Day 1, we recorded the teaching of this skill for you, posted below.

The following is a list of legal and illegal skills. It is not a full list, as there are many variations of stunts that may or may not be legal. This list will help provide clarity on the above rules.

Click here for a photo library of legal skills

Legal “Below Shoulder Level Stunts” Step Up Drill

  • Double Base Thigh Stand
  • L-Stand
  • Side Thigh Stand
  • Vertical T-Lift
  • Rear Thigh Stand
  • Shoulder Sit/Straddle

Legal “Shoulder Level Non-Vertical”

  • Flatback
  • Straddle Sit/Teddy Bear Sit
  • Shoulder Splits

Legal “Shoulder Level Vertical”, which require a spotter and must remain on two feet.

  • Prep/Elevator
  • ½ Twist to Prep/Elevator

Examples of Prohibited Skills

  • Cradle
  • Release Transitions
  • Inversion at Shoulder Level
  • Handstand on Thighs
  • Basket or prep tosses
  • Extensions
  • Liberty at prep or above
  • Extended Flatback or Side T-Lift
  • Quick Toss