SafeSport Reporting - Incorrect Listing

  • This form is only to be used for reporting inaccuracies in information regarding members or non-members who are listed on the "Currently Ineligible List".
  • ANONYMOUS REPORTS All personal information will be kept confidential regardless of how you report. You may report ANONYMOUSLY. If you choose to report anonymously, please write ANONYMOUS where it says "Your name". Anonymous reporting may make it difficult for USA Cheer to investigate or properly address misconduct or abuse, however, USA Cheer recognizes it can be difficult for an athlete, teammate, friend or family member to report an allegation of misconduct and strives to remove as many barriers to reporting as possible It is imperative that ANONYMOUS reports include as much information as possible since followup questions may not be possible.
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  • Note that we cannot take action on someone whose charges were dropped or who has been acquitted.
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