Download the USA Cheer College Cheerleading Rules here.


With the merger of AACCA and USA Cheer, the former “AACCA College Cheerleading Rules” will now be published as the “USA Cheer College Cheerleading Rules”.

The USA Cheer College Safety Rules use a two‐year cycle for rules changes. 2019‐20 is a “minor changes” year.  2020-21 will be a “major changes” year which will allow more opportunity for rules changes.


  • A rule has been added that prohibits middle and top layers in pyramids from releasing signs or other hard props to the performance surface. At the college level, a base may take a sign from a top or middle layer temporarily and then release it immediately to the ground or hand to another person on the ground.
  • The wording for allowed surfaces has been changed to provide more clarity.
  • The wording for non‐twisting basket toss flips has been changed. The previously listed set of baskets is consistent with the new wording that flipping baskets that do not twist are limited to one additional skill.

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