USA Cheer Summit

Did you miss it?

Our June 27 USA Cheer Summit was a great success, with cheerleaders and coaches from around the country joining us and our outstanding presenters to discuss topics across the range of cheerleading disciplines!  

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June 27 Summit Schedule:

10:00 am Session 1: NFHS Rules for 2020/21 season: Jim Lord & Bill Ahern

Description: Cover the changes for the 2020/21 season as well as review some important rules from 2019/20 season.
Time: 45 minutes
Who: All types of coaches and athletes

11:00 am Session 2: Planning an Effective Practice for Cheer and STUNT programs: Ben Schreiber

Description: Discuss how to organize and implement a schedule that will accomplish the needs of your team. Will discuss differences in needs depending on if you are a sideline program, sideline and competitive program or a STUNT team.
Time: 40 minutes
Who: All types of coaches and athletes

12:00 pm Session 3: Athlete and Coaches Recruiting: Amy Haney

Description: Share what athletes can do to help themselves make the best decisions when looking at collegiate programs and how best to get their information out to coaches. Also, what high school coaches can do to help their athletes in the recruiting process. Lastly, we’ll share about what college coaches can do to maximize their time and budget restraints to find and recruit athletes that will fit with their program.
Time: 45 minutes
Who: All types of coaches and athletes

1:00 pm Session 4: Introduction to the Sport of STUNT: Jessica Chatto & Amy Haney

Description: This session will talk about the basics of the game of STUNT and how to get started at the youth, high school and/or college level.
Time: 30 minutes
Who: All types of coaches and athletes

1:45 pm Session 5: College/STUNT skills: Bill Ahern & Jessica Chatto

Description: This class will focus on the techniques for standard collegiate skills used that will also be used in STUNT routines.
Time: 60 minutes
Who: College Cheer and STUNT coaches and athletes

3:00 pm Session 6: Jumps/Tumbling/Conditioning: Erin Johnson, Jim Lord

Description: This class will focus on the basic techniques for jumps, tumbling and conditioning whether you are practicing at home or with a team to enhance your skills for high school, college and/or STUNT!
Time: 45 minutes
Who: All types of coaches and athletes