To become a STUNT official, you must become a STUNT Official Member of USA Cheer. Complete the registration and training process through our training site.  If you are a STUNT coach and also act as an official for another group (i.e. high school coach, college official), be sure to register for the dual membership.

After registering, you will complete the requirements listed in order to become a STUNT official. Please note that all officials must pass a background check, complete a maltreatment course, and complete a concussion education piece, as well as the STUNT game training and specific official’s educational materials.

Following each training piece, you will complete the testing portion. You will be certified as a STUNT official once you have passed all requirements. Upon certification, you will have access to video routines and 8-count sheets produced by USA Cheer. If you have questions, please contact Bill Ahern at