The National All Girl Team is comprised of the most talented female cheerleaders in America. They compete at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships each year in April.

Coaches for the 2017 Team are Tony Nash, Savanna Sibley, and Leighton Clarke.

Congratulations to the following people who made the 2017 National Cheer All Girl Team!

Abi Fuller – Morehead State University
Allison Shores – North Carolina State University
Amanda Mannarino – University of Louisville
Anjelica Cirone – University of Louisville
Anna Richey – Brigham Young University
Ashley Lober – Oklahoma State University
Bayli Donaldson – University of Oklahoma
Bianca Davis – University of Louisville
Bri Jackson – University of Oklahoma
Catie Callen – University of West Georgia
Christina Schutz – University of Oklahoma
Chandler Goldman – University of Oklahoma
Courtney Stack – Morehead State University
Erica Lester – Austin Peay State University
Gianna Rizzi – North Carolina State University
Gabby Little – University of Oklahoma
Haley Boone – University of Oklahoma
Hannah Orrell – University of Oklahoma
Haleight DeVoe – Indiana University
Jackie Cardelli – Indiana University
Kelsie Roland – Arkansas State University
Kelly Gomez – Indiana University
Kelsey Davis – Morehead State University
Kennedy Drago – Indiana University
Lindsey Driskill – Oklahoma State University
Madison Hunt – North Carolina State University
Maddi Woolway – Oklahoma State University
Makenzie Guiher – University of West Georgia
Mikayal Ward – University of West Georgia
Missy Banyai – Oklahoma State University
Priscilla Thorn – Morehead State University
Regan Cilek – University of Oklahoma
Samantha Borella – University of Louisville
Taylor Jordan – University of West Georgia


ICU World Championship History

2016 All Girl Premier – Gold
2015 All Girl Premier – Gold
2014 All Girl Premier – Gold
2013 All Girl Premier – Gold
2012 All Girl Group Stunt – Gold
2012 All Girl Premier – Gold
2011 All Girl Group Stunt – Gold
2011 All Girl Premier – Gold
2010 All Girl Group Stunt – Gold
2010 All Girl Premier – Gold
2009 All Girl Premier – Gold