The National Coed Team is comprised of the most talented female and male cheerleaders in America. They compete at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championship each year in April.

Coaches for the 2017 Team are LeRoy McCullough, Christa Grizzle and Alli Lumpkin.

Congratulations to the following people who made the 2017 National Cheer Coed Team!

Brittney Castona – University of West Georgia
Brittany Peters – University of Alabama
Brya D’Abrosca – Oklahoma State University
Chelsea Chism – University of Louisville
Emily Sawyer – University of Kentucky
Jacquie Lopez – University of Kentucky
Kelsey Waters – University of Alabama
Megan Glisson – University of Kentucky
Millery Null – University of Alabama
Raquel Black – Austin Peay State University
Whitney Agee – University of Kentucky
Whitney Love – Oklahoma State University

Aaron Pollard – University of Alabama
Ben Ingallina – University of Alabama
Brandon Parker – NC State
Chris Ethridge – University of Louisville
Dylan Smith – University of Kentucky
Ed Moroney – Weber State University
Hunter Thompson – Texas Tech University
Javontae Johnson – Sam Houston State University
Jeremy Lumpkin – University of Kentucky
John Stuart – Oklahoma State University
Josh Baker – University of Kentucky
Josh Glidden – University of Alabama
Joseph Brown – University of Kentucky
Jonah Hensen – Austin Peay State University
Ryan Claunch – University of Alabama
Spencer Clan – University of Kentucky
Spencer Collier – University of West Georgia
Tucker Hunter – Oklahoma State University


ICU World Championship History

2016 Coed Premier – Gold
2015 Coed Premier – Silver
2014 Coed Premier – Gold
2014 Coed Partner Stunt – Silver
2013 Coed Premier – Gold
2013 Coed Partner Stunt – Bronze
2012 Coed Premier – Gold
2012 Coed Partner Stunt – Gold
2011 Coed Premier – Gold
2011 Coed Partner Stunt – Silver
2010 Coed Premier – Gold
2009 Coed Premier – Gold
2009 Coed Partner Stunt – Gold