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STUNT Team Membership
Cost: $250/yr

STOP – before you proceed – one member of your school must obtain a STUNT Coach Membership!
If you have not done this, please go back and secure that membership before registering your team.

USA Cheer STUNT Team Membership is required for teams participating in STUNT. It requires a minimum of 1 coach to hold a USA Cheer STUNT coach membership. This membership comes with provides access to the STUNT routines for the season, 8-count sheets, skill sheets, and accompanied copyrighted music tracks for each routine.


  • Main contact must have a STUNT Coach Membership

Note that this membership does not provide any insurance benefits for coaches, team members, or institutions. 

There are insurance benefits for individual coach and athletes who obtain USA Cheer STUNT Coach or STUNT Athlete membership. Each of these is outlined on their respective membership page.

Teams wishing to purchase additional liability coverage for practicing or hosting games may find more detailed information under “Liability Coverage” on the insurance page.

It is important that you fully understand your teams’ insurance needs before participating in STUNT.  We encourage you to speak with your administration regarding what coverages you have and what additional coverages you may need.