USA Cheer Safety

Safety is paramount to the protection of athletes and a vital part of the mission of USA Cheer.


  • JH/MS/High School Rules: An update has been made to the new rule regarding signs for high school teams and younger. Bases are not allowed to hold props that are made of hard material or have sharp corners or edges. Stunts and pyramids that use these types of signs should choreograph them so that the top person comes down with the sign legally or hands them to a person on the ground who is allowed to hold signs.The USA Cheer JH/MS/High School Cheerleading Rules are available here. The NFHS has released their current “Comments on the Rules“, which include this change as well.
  • College Rules: The 2019-20 College Rules have been released and can be found here.
  • Cheer/Dance Rules Videos: Click here for videos that go along with the high school rules for USA Cheer and NFHS!


Rules provide a framework for safety and vary by discipline. Some of these rules are provided by USA Cheer, while others are provided by our partner organizations that oversee them.


The USA Cheer Cheerleading Safety and Risk Management Course is available online at the following sites:

USA Cheer has also launched a comprehensive new rules course for high school cheer that covers the rules for NFHS and USA Cheer/AACCA rules.

Safety Awareness

CheerSafe is a safety awareness campaign and resource site founded by USA Cheer and supported by the NFHS, NCAA, USASF and other organizations. Visit for safety programs, resources, injury data and more.

Updated Guidelines for the Medical Management of Concussions are available now! Click here.