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The National All Girl Premier Team is comprised of the most talented female cheerleaders in America. They compete at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships in April.

2018 Roster

Alexis Martonik | University of Louisville

Amanda Mannarino | University of Louisville

Asia Chatman | University of West Georgia

Caitlyn Stovall | University of Louisville

Carley Peca | Morehead State University

Catie Callen | University of West Georgia

Chelsea Aderholt | The University of Alabama

Crystal Davis | University of Louisville

Ellisa RhoadesUniversity of Louisville

Emma DeHart | Purdue University

Haley Marr | University of West Georgia

Haleigh DeVoe | Indiana University

Heather Bozman | Purdue University

Heather Grubbs | University of Alabama

Jacqueline Cardelli | Indiana University

Jacqueline Lang | University of Alabama

Jordan Herron | University of West Georgia

Kalle Edwards | University of Alabama

Kaylin Lapel | Indiana University

Kelly Gomez | Indiana University

Kelly Yeager | University of Alabama

Lindsey Driskell | Oklahoma State University

Mikayla Raleigh | Oklahoma State University

Monica Misch | Indiana University

Nancy Thomas | Morehead State University

Noell Resil | Purdue University

Nydia CeronMiranda | University of Alabama

Payton Willingham | University of Alabama

Peyton Rusk | University of Alabama

Priscilla Thorn | Morehead state university

Samantha Borella | University of Louisville

Shelby Snider | Morehead State University

Sophia DeJulius | Morehead State University

Taylor Scheid | Purdue University

2018 – Silver
2017 – Gold
2016 – Gold
2015 – Gold
2014 – Gold
2013 – Gold
2012 – Gold
2011 – Gold
2010 – Gold
2009 – Gold

Patrick Avard with New Level Music is the exclusive music provider of the US National Team for Premier and Junior Cheer.