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The National Coed Premier Team is comprised of the most talented female and male cheerleaders in America. They compete at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships in April.

2018 Female Roster

Chelsea Chism | University of Louisville

Dallas Pringle | University of Kentucky

Emily Sawyer | University of Kentucky

Jasmine Darnell | University of Memphis

Jennifer Creech | Morehead State University

Kelsey Waters | University of Alabama

Kelsie Truman | Oklahoma State University

Maria Wisman | The Ohio State University

McKell Gundersen | Weber State University

Michaela Riley | University of Alabama

Millery Null | University of Alabama

Molly McLeod | Trinity Valley Community College

Sabrina Garcia | Texas Tech University

Whitney AgeeUniversity of Kentucky

2018 Male Roster

Anthony DiCicco | University of Central Florida

Carter Marsch | The Ohio State University

Chris Ethridge | University of Louisville

Dustin Velazquez | Morehead State University

Ed Moroney | Weber State University

Jaylan Davis | The University of Alabama

John StuartOklahoma State University

Jonah Hensen | Austin Peay State University

Kollin Cockrell | Weber State University

Logan Cain | Troy University

Ryan Claunch | The University of Alabama

Spencer Clan | University of Kentucky

Spencer Collier | The University of West Georgia

Steaven William | Weber State University

Terrell Cabral | Trinity Valley Community College

TJ Ollison | Texas Tech University

Vontae Johnson | Trinity Valley Community College

2018 – Gold
2017 – Gold
2016 – Gold
2015 – Silver
2014 – Gold
2013 – Gold
2012 – Gold
2011 – Gold
2010 – Gold
2009 – Gold

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