The National Junior Teams are comprised of the most talented teams in America between the ages of 12-16. They compete at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships in April.

Savannah Becnel | St. Catherine of Siena
Jenna Crosby | St. Clement of Rome
Marie Claire Dalmau | St. Joseph’s Academy
Ava Delahoussaye | St. Catherine of Siena
Lilly Ducote | Brother Martin High School (Dominican)
Sara Gaspard | Jesuit (Mount Carmel Academy)
Piper Horne | Live Oak High School
Aubrie Lewis | Live Oak High School
Peyton Locklar | St. Joseph’s Academy
Faith Molloy | Live Oak Middle School
Mayah Olivero | Brother Martin High School (Dominican)
Katherine Post | Brother Martin High School (Mount Carmel Academy)
Abigail Post | Brother Martin High School (Chappelle)
Jordyn Prattini | Brother Martin High School (Chappelle)
Kaitlyn Prattini | Brother Martin High School (Chappelle)
Jaci Seward | Brother Martin High School (Mount Carmel Academy)
Addi Vallot | Live Oak Middle School
Riley Villarrubia | Brother Martin High School (Mount Carmel Academy)
Abby Wang | Live Oak High School

Jordan Andre | Archbishop Shaw High School
ConnorBlenkarn | Brother Martin High School
Samuel Chanove | Brother Martin High School
Kyle Duncan | Brother Martin High School
Blake Muilligan | Brother Martin High School
Bryce Riordan | Brother Martin High School
Logan Schroeder | Brother Martin High School
Cristian Selva | Brother Martin High School
Daniel Wellmeier | Brother Martin High School

Head Coach: Jessica Fresina
Assistant Coach: Madison Guidry

Brittany Burton |  Bullitt Central High School
Savanna Bynum | Bullitt Central High School
Brooklyn Clements |  Eastside Middle School
Alex Conteras | Eastside Middle School
Grace Cross | Bullitt East High School
Caitlyn Doyle | Eastside Middle School
Maggie Green | Bullitt East High School
Haley Haynes | Eastside Middle School
Cierra Hermann | Eastside Middle School
Shelby Knieriem | Bullit East High School
Avery Lee | Bullitt Central High School
Olivia Masden | Bullitt East High School
Jordan McCubbins | Eastside Middle School
Makayla McMichal | Bullitt East High School
Lainey Miller | Eastside Middle School
Ella Moore | Bullitt Central High School
Hallie Mae Ogle | Eastside Middle School
Olivia Proctor | Bullitt East High School
Ashley Reiter | Bullitt East High School
Hailie Riddle |  Eastside Middle School
Madison Salsman | Bullitt Central High School
Haley Scott | Bullitt East High School
Jesi Stinson | Eastside Middle School
Emma Thompson |Eastside Middle School
Lexi Walker | Eastside Middle School
Lilly Whitley | Bullitt East High School
Isabell Wilson | Bullitt East High School

Coaches: Carrie DeBold, Kristal Stillwell, Jay Kirk

Legendary Athletics
Holden Anoice
Hannah Carlson
Kailey Cramany
Lauren Conklin
Ansley Goldstein
Kendyl Jaeb
Ally Keena
Mackenzie Laubach
Kelly Marler
Alyssa Melani
Chloe Palmieri
Mia Rosace
Lauren Scott
Hadyn Shear
Janna Simpson
London Weaver

Coaches: Dana Evancoe, Christa Hinn, Jisele Alexander

2018 Junior Coed Elite – Gold
2018 Junior All Girl Elite – Gold
2018 Junior Hip Hop – Gold

2017 Junior Coed Elite – Gold
2017 Junior All Girl Elite – Gold
2017 Junior Hip Hop – Gold

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