USA Cheer Safe Sport Program – Reporting


Please read the entire reporting policy before making a report.

USA Cheer recognizes that a key element to preventing abuse and misconduct is the implementation of an effective reporting policy that:

  • Results in reports of suspected abuse and misconduct
  • Does not in any way deter victims or witnesses from reporting abuse and misconduct

Potential abusers will avoid involvement in a program where there is a likelihood that suspected abuse will be reported.

When sport stakeholders are untrained about how and when to report suspected abuse, they may feel ill-prepared, powerless and lost when it comes to responding to, and reporting, misconduct. By providing this guidance on when and how to report suspected misconduct, USA Cheer seeks to remove barriers to disclosing misconduct, including child physical or sexual abuse and misconduct.

In the case of an emergency, call 911.
– If child abuse is occurring, call 911 immediately.
– If you suspect or know of child abuse, call local police or child services.


Any person, regardless of their membership status or affiliation with USA Cheer, may file a complaint with USA Cheer for any suspected, alleged or known violation of the USA Cheer Safe Sport Code or policies that are intended to protect another member from misconduct and abuse including the required Membership Policies. All reports will be treated as confidential. USA Cheer will accept anonymous reports and investigate every report of abuse or misconduct.

Additionally, parents, participants and other persons should communicate allegations and suspicions of child physical and sexual abuse if appropriate or required, to local law enforcement, and to the program administrator (gym owner, league president, athletics director, principal, etc.) immediately.


Reports to Law Enforcement and/or Child Protective Services

All states have mandatory reporting laws requiring persons holding certain positions to report suspicions of sexual or physical abuse of a minor.
In most cases, suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. A compilation of information on when a person must make a report to law enforcement authorities can be found at:

In some cases an employee or volunteer may be hesitant about reporting suspected abuse because they are unsure about the credibility of the person making the allegation, are unsure about the credibility or validity of the facts on which the allegations are based or are concerned about the potential consequences of a false report. It is critical that employees and/or volunteers not attempt to evaluate the credibility or validity of child physical or sexual abuse allegations as a condition for, or prior to, reporting their concerns.

An independent investigation can harm youth and/or interfere with the legal investigative process. Accordingly, USA Cheer, its member programs and their administrators, employees and/or volunteers shall not attempt to evaluate the credibility or validity of allegations of child physical or sexual abuse as a condition for, or prior to, reporting to appropriate law enforcement authorities. As necessary, however, a person receiving a report may ask a few clarifying questions of the minor or person making the report to adequately report the suspicion or allegation to law enforcement authorities.

Report Here

If you suspect or have knowledge of abuse or misconduct by a USA Cheer Member or Member Coach in any item that is covered in the USA Cheer SafeSport Code, please make a report to USA Cheer. All reports need to be made using the online form. This will provide a written record, will provide the reporter with a format that is consistent and thorough, and will speed up the process for action as the report will answer most of the questions USA Cheer will need.

Completing an online report about a USA Cheer Member:

USA Cheer has no jurisdiction over non-members. However, the USA Cheer “Suspended & Ineligible List” includes individuals arrested for or convicted of crimes that are not consistent with the rules, policies or standards of USA Cheer.  If someone is not on that list that should be, complete the following form, along with supporting documentation.

Reporting of Arrest or Conviction