Dear members of the cheer community;

This morning USA Today published a disturbing article on misconduct and sexual abuse in the cheer community. USA Cheer takes any allegation of sexual misconduct and abuse very seriously. It has no place in society or sport—we must collectively do everything possible to safeguard our kids.

As an umbrella organization, we work with numerous organizations to promote safety at all levels in cheerleading. We promote best practices in athlete safety by leading and spearheading education and training and supporting our affiliates’ efforts in these areas.

We will continue to promote a 360-degree approach to athlete safety, reliant on vigilance from the community—including coaches, administrators, athletic trainers, choreographers, parents, athletes, and anyone with direct interaction with athletes—focusing on preventative educational programs, recognition of abuse, and reporting measures and responsibilities.

USA Cheer is committed to transparency, working more closely with all partners in the cheer community, and casting a wider net. We are engaging in a comprehensive review of all policies and protocols and continuing to be vigilant and diligent in all areas of athlete safety and protection.

You can find out more on our SafeSport code of conduct here at We also encourage any coach and/or athlete to take our maltreatment training, available at no cost on our website:

Lauri Harris
USA Cheer
Executive Director