USA Cheer believes that the safety of every cheerleader is paramount in all cheerleading programs. The Netflix documentary “Cheer” has brought a great deal of attention to the general public about the world of cheerleading. It’s refreshing to see cheerleading, and the coaches and athletes involved, get the accolades from the general public, celebrities – and perhaps most rewarding – other athletes. But it has also raised some questions about the safety of cheerleading in general, and USA Cheer welcomes the chance to provide insight on the current state of cheerleading safety.

To increase the awareness about the risk of cheer-related injuries, USA Cheer makes available on its website an online safety course.  The course is designed to inform coaches and administrators of their responsibilities and introduce important concepts in safety and risk management.  USA Cheer has also published a summary of best practices with respect to concussion management, the Guidelines for the Medical Management of Concussions, which includes the recommended protocol for medical professionals as well as coaches of cheerleaders to manage a progressive return to cheerleading participation for a cheerleader who has been diagnosed with a concussion. USA Cheer has also developed safety guidelines designed to reduce the risk of injury in cheer, which event producers incorporate in competitions.

We encourage all cheer coaches, administrators, parents, and athletes to familiarize themselves with the safety programs available through USA Cheer and their own local organizations to continue to keep safety at the forefront of cheerleading.

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